Our Story

We founded Blackstock & Weber because we wanted to make quality, English footwear accessible to everyone.

Our “voila” moment happened in a luxury retailer's shoe department while shopping a new pair for a friend's wedding. I walked over to a pair of British made shoes that would do the trick only to be slapped in the face with an $1,800 price tag. The salesman witnessed the sticker shock on my face and proceeded to tell me that they were great shoes, but 'not for everybody'. Which made me think... 'Why aren't great shoes for everybody?'
We started that day. We reached out to a 3rd Generation factory producing some of the best footwear in the industry, built a kick a** customer experience and obsessed over every skin and stitch until we'd reached our definition of perfection. 

People always ask me why I went for English made. My answer is always the same. 'They've been making them the same way since the 15th century... They have to be doing something right.'

I didn't believe the salesman when he told me that great shoes weren't for 'everybody'. Now you don't have to either. 

- Chris Echevarria, CEO/Founder